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The Wonder

I love a good sunset.

I can sit and watch the sunset until the colors have faded. Have you noticed the sunsets recently? Maybe it's because we don't have snow on the ground yet that the sunsets have been magnificent. Or maybe my eye has intentionally been drawn to the wonder of the sky. It's easy to see the wonder of God in the sunset.

The wonder.

The wonder of the season. Oftentimes when we think about Christmas we sit in contemplation of the wonder that is the lowly birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. I often sit and contemplate this "wonder" and then this what Jesus wants from me? Why do I have to contemplate this wonder now, in this season? This wonder can be fleeting - a seasonal thing. How does this wonder continue throughout the year?

Have you ever thought of the wonder of a regular old Tuesday? Probably not. I mean, the average Tuesday doesn't often bring that much wonder into my life. Maybe Tuesday's are wonder-filled in your life. I recently read, "wonder is to be found when we move from obsessively figuring out cosmic plans to observing intentionality in the details of where we actually are...and when we awaken to that intentionality, it will fill us with wonder."

My eye has intentionally been drawn right where I am - to the wonder of the winter sunset.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are the one who paints the sky, our hearts, and our lives with your wonder-full love. When we miss the "wonder" of the season or the regular Tuesday, I pray that our eyes are intentionally tuned to the details of where we actually are so that we are awakened to the wonder of your Kingdom that is here and now.

Amen, Rach (Current Board Member and Volunteer)


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