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Water and Son

About a month ago, a woman walked into Hope Street with two, huge, beautiful, yellow hibiscus plants. I have never seen hibiscus plants that looked so happy and healthy. I commented on their beauty over and over. The woman was beaming and obviously loved the plants. She had cultivated and cared for the plants, watched them grow and now transplanted them into a new home, Hope Street. She began to explain to us how we were going to need to care for these plants. Immediately, the downward spiral of negative self talk crept in - there is no way that I am going to be able to keep this thing flourishing. She went on to explain that the Hibiscus plant does not like change. It shows its unhappiness and stress by yellowing leaves that would eventually fall to the ground. But with time, the plant would adjust to its new environment and grow new buds - we just have to water it regularly, protect it from the outside environment and keep it in the sun as much as possible. The hibiscus loves the sun.

If I’m being totally honest, I have felt that way before at Hope Street. As new members are welcomed into the greenhouse for people, I’ve thought - there is nothing I’ll be able to offer to this person to help them flourish. Just like for the hibiscus plant, Hope Street, for many members is a new environment. Where do we fit into this plan? Grateful for His truth, we can find our purpose in His Word.. Water and Son. Yes, we must give the plant physical water, but with each other we must remind one another that Jesus is the water of life. It is with Him where our soul can be quenched and revived by his spirit. And yes, we must physically keep the hibiscus in direct sunlight, but at Hope Street - we must encourage one another to remain directly in the light and truth of the true SON. As the hibiscus thrives in the sun, we too can thrive and flourish when living in the light of the Son.

Jesus, You are the water and light that this world needs to be satisfied. May we always drink from the water of life. We ask that You continue to protect, nourish and grow us each as we learn to walk through change. Please yellow and dry up our own areas of stress and be with us as we allow the old to fall away. And when the new blossoms though, may we point others back to You, the Son, who has made all things possible for your good. Oh yea, and thank you for the new yellow blooms on the hibiscus plants at Hope Street :)




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