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We Need You.

Father God, 

I want to thank you for another day. Thank you for waking us up this morning. We need you oh God. Look over the people who are in this world suffering from disease Father. Look over the families who have lost loved ones in the fight of COVID-19 Father God. We need you oh God. I ask that you guide the leaders in the fight against racism Father God. People need to know we are all your children, no matter what color we are, no matter the size or the shape Father. I ask that you stop all the people from wanting to hurt one another Father God. Fix their hearts and minds to learn to love one another, instead of hurting one another. Fix this world oh God. Turn it around for the good oh God. We need you. I want to thank you for Hope Street and all they have done for me and my family, my friends and so many others oh God. Thank you for the caring people who opened their doors and welcomed us in. Please God put a shield of protection around the building on 26th and Capitol oh God. Keep the people inside and out safe from harm. All this I ask in your son Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Ms. Kelly Bentley 

Former Hope Street Member 


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