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We Thank You

Creator, we start by thanking you for giving us everyday to just be one of your creations. We thank you for the knowledge you've bestowed on us to be passed down from one to the next giving us new knowledge so that we may develop into more complex and extraordinary beings. Though some may think we are getting closer through this knowledge they will never understand how incomprehensible and infinite you truly are. We thank you for giving simple creatures like us the power to learn and understand what bits we can of this wonderful place you've given us to call home.

Please forgive those who dredge this place and exploit its natural resources for riches for they don't see that the real riches lies within this body you have given us and that everything is meant for all who work for it together because you didn't make this world for 1 person. We thank you for letting us go through your plans and thank you for giving us strength to get through it. You have read every book, went over every detail, engineered every scenario to get us to realize that it is you who will always make things work out because through you, and through you only, do we have the capability for impossible things that aren't impossible to you.

You know our outcome and when the right time is to intervene so that we may recognize you. Thank you for... Just being. We love you though that means little to the love you've shown by giving us the breath of life. Still with this breath we will give thanks to where it is due which is everyday to you. Thank you

Amen, Van Stacker

(Hope Street Member)


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