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What Does It Mean to Be A Member at Hope Street?

Being a member at Hope Street means to be loved unconditionally and to be met exactly where we are in our lives. Being a member at Hope Street means being restored to become molded by the hands of the potter through the clay and dirt God made us out of. To be made in the image of God. He brings the FUNCTION out of the dysfunction that at one point or another one of us has experienced. That’s what being a member here at Hope Street means. Self inflicting wounds no more, allowing every scar to tell a story behind them. To be open to vulnerability that we were once unwilling to be, whether it be with staff at Hope Street, other members, and especially our volunteers. From not knowing ones story to sharing our stories with men and women and children of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and origins. To bring volunteers into a safe environment and show and share with them a ‘glimpse’ of how they are supporting us through God’s grace by sharing with them what being a member of Hope Street means. Being a member at Hope Street means to be in a safe, secure environment to grow and flourish. A place that for once in our lives we are safe to grow, to develop loving trusting HEALTHY relationships whether that's through getting jobs, going back to school, staying sober, getting appropriate diagnoses for mental health issues and developing new skills to cope with life. Being a member at Hope Street means we all have a testimony that needs to be heard for others to understand us. We are all willing as members to come together as ONE when someone is struggling. We are met at our lowest point of our lives to be met at our highest point of life… together as ONE. Being a member here at Hope Street means to be able to save for a future, to cultivate Hope in one's life outside of Hope Street upon God’s timing as we become ready to move on and beyond, NEVER leave behind hope Street though. Being a member at Hope Street means FAMILY that some of us had to let go due to unhealthy environments and relationships. Being a member at Hope Street means building a life worth living to be ok with your AUTHENTIC SELF. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. That’s what being a member at Hope Street means.

Nicole Marie Gulley


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