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WHat happens inside the greenhouse for people?

The Greenhouse for People is a place for life. When people feel safe they are free to live, make decisions and join in. There is this interesting mix between feeling support and feeling authority. Hope Street provides protection, classes and resources. The people fill this space with movement, hope and grace. The people create community. The people inspire and build the environment within this space. That means there's beauty and there's brokenness, because this is simply a place for life.

Kendall, Intern

I've learned many, many things since becoming involved at Hope Street, however my biggest repeated lesson is that of gratitude. My family at the GFP (Greenhouse for People) live and operate out of a heart of thankfulness and it overflows into everything they say and do. They have also taught me that a natural by-product of having a thankful heart, is the ability to love ourselves and others more and more.  

---Laura, Board President 

It is a place where the honesty of pain and struggle can be out in the open, and met with love, compassion and joy in our greater hope.

---Brian, Staff

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