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For a Greenhouse to flourish it requires prayers, a plan, and the people to act on those two things. At The Greenhouse for People our long term planning takes place within our community, amongst staff, and through our board of directors. Still, there is only so much any one of these groups can plan and accomplish, so we have created four subcommittees to help research, discuss and advice Hope Street's direction in four key areas: Programming, Fund Development, Operations and Rising Hope. Learn more about these subcommittees below!

Upcoming Dates: 

Thursday, September 5th @ 6pm

Interested in joining a subcommittee or interested and don't know which one you'd like to join? Email Ashley at

programming committee

  • Meets quarterly 

  • The Programming Committee exists to provide holistic, relevant, multi-generational resources, tools and community through diverse instruction and leadership committed to joining our members in living, learning and developing new habits which help us to flourish.

rising hope committee

  • Meets quarterly 

  • The Rising Hope Committee exists to provide Hope Street with a younger perspective and engage the next generation of donors and supporters. Working within Hope Street’s mission, Rising Hope will bring new ideas that will work to grow and strengthen our community.


fund development committee

  • Meets quarterly

  • The Fund Development Committee exists to support Hope Street’s budgetary needs. They help with stewardship efforts and donor relations as well as guide our fundraising through events, grants, and sponsorships.

operations committee

  • Meets quarterly

  • The Operations Committee exists to provide members with consistent and quality services and operations by caring for our building and our staff. They keep our foundation strong by supporting building maintenance and connecting with and praying for our staff.

Interested in joining a committee or interested but don't know what committee you'd like to join? Contact

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