For a Greenhouse to flourish it requires prayers, a plan, and the people to act on those two things. At The Greenhouse for People our long term planning takes place within our community, amongst staff, and through our board of directors. Still, there is only so much any one of these gathers can plan and accomplish, so we have created four Subcommittees to help research, discuss and advice Hope Street's direction in four key areas:

  • Meets bimonthly 

  • Committees Role: To ensure The Greenhouse for People offers a variety of resources to live, learn and develop new habits within our Greenhouse framework. This committee seeks to cultivate opportunities for our members to flourish mentally/emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually through classes, bible studies and fun events.

programming committee

  • Meets once a month

  • Role of Committee: To stay up-to-date on the building project, potential partners, and funding campaigns. This committee is committed to help research, develop relationships, and suggest strategies around each space that will be within the building. 

shechem committee

  • Meets bimonthly

  • Committees Role: The Operations Committee is made up of Hope Street board members, Maintenance Coordinator and volunteers. The primary function of this committee is to be in tune with the day-to-day Operations of Hope Street from staff (employees besides the Executive Director) to the building (2522 West Capitol Drive) and all other properties Hope Street has ownership of.  The following are expectations of the Operations Committee: 1. Prayer for staff; 2. Check in’s with staff; 3. Assistance with strategizing and facilitate major building concerns; and 4. Ongoing maintenance of building (helping us stay ahead of the game).

operations committee

  • Meets bimonthly

  • Committees Role: To walk alongside Hope Street in fiscal needs by helping connect with passionate donors, find ways to make Hope Street more self-sustainable, organize events to raise fiscal support and implement fundraising strategies.

fund development committee

Rising Hope is for young individuals (18-29) who are inspired to make a difference by engaging with Hope Street Ministry. Rising Hope shows you that you don’t have to have a ton of money or time on your hands to be a part of something bigger. You can get involved from wherever you are at.

  • Meets quarterly 

  • Here’s an idea of what that will look like:

    • Volunteer and become a part of this community. 

    • Provide a new perspective.

    • Attend meetings on a quarterly basis. (Skype in if need be!)

    • Get other young people involved by inviting them to events, bringing them with you to volunteer, and engaging with them on social media.

    • Get involved in fundraising through media platforms. 

    • Plan events and campaigns and bring your ideas into action.

rising hope


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