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2020 Women's luncheon recap!

Last week just under 250 women gathered at The Legend at Brandybrook for our third-annual Women's Luncheon. This was a great opportunity to come together to share As Heard Around Hope Street. We were thankful for this designated time where women from different zip codes and communities could engage in conversation, a meal, and share stories with one another. Well said by Kim, one of our faithful volunteers:


"It's not so much about what's different as it is about what is the same. Everyone wants to laugh, to be loved, to be cared about. We all need that."


This year's Luncheon we decided to bring to recognition the many forms of losses we have undergone as a community. These losses reminded us why it is so important to be in community. In doing so, it led to the creation of a video honoring former member, Sabrina Coleman. Stay tuned for the release of this video!


Thank you to all those who attended, sponsored, and gave at this event! The gifts received are being used to support our Baby Acorn Fund. About 7 years ago we decided to open our doors for kids to live at Hope Street. Our Baby Acorn Fund is used towards offsetting the cost for our kiddos to live here without adding a financial burden to their parents. If you were unable to attend this year's event but would still like to make a donation towards this fund, please feel free to do so by clicking the link below.

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2020 event details

“Welcome to the most beautifullest home” says my favorite 4-year-old of a dear friend. Kids have an amazing way of communicating clearly (and bluntly) what they want you to know. There are so many moments like the one mentioned above that I want to capture on video. I want to capture it so I can savor it, and when I need it most re-play it. When you spend any amount of time at Hope Street your desire to “get it” suddenly slips away. You find yourself deeply entrenched in relationships, conversations and a culture that... keeps you coming back. It produces one of those ”you can’t make this up” moments. Yet to the outside, when you hear Greenhouse for People, you’re frustrated that it can’t just be this black and white thing that you “get”, that you can explain, or justify. But as the classic A Wrinkle in Time states, “ thing I’ve learned is that you don’t have to understand things for them to be” (23).

In this next season we believe inviting you into the everyday (the mess, mundane and beautiful) will give you insight into how GFP is actually lived out. As Heard Around Hope Street will allow you to get a firsthand glimpse of the things that are said, done and LIVED out at Hope Street. We hope they encourage you, but we also hope that they begin to shift your paradigm. That you too be willing to learn alongside of us. Time and experience has shown that when we willingly lean in with soft hearts a transformation takes place that we have always hoped for but have been unsure of where to begin. The key to remember is we don’t ever become “the expert” - we humbly accept everyone’s process is different and that we are all on a road towards wholeness.

So first step first: Welcome! You are the Beloved. Join us on the journey through “As Heard Around Hope Street”.


Table of 10


Grab 8 friends to join you! One Hope Street member will join you at your table!

Single Ticket



11am: welcome

11:10am: Lunch served

11:30am: Hope Street video

11:35am: the unexpected

11:55am: as heard around hope street &  panelist

12:35pm: q & A

12:45pm: Interest cards, auction winners &  Photo opp!

12:55pm: closing

hear from

Ashley thomas 

Executive Director


Brooke Thomas

Director of Community Relations 

Hannah Dirkse

Social Worker

Kendall Schoenike

Operations Director (Starts June 2020)


Rachael Stricker

Board Member


myra Hamilton

Former Member


Former Member



Kim Hotchkiss

Kids Volunteer

Current Hope Street Members TBA!

event sponsorship

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Attire: smart Casual (no jeans)

The Legend at Brandybrook

1 Legend Way | Wales, WI

Questions? Contact ashley thomas at

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