staff Team



Executive Director

Ashley Thomas began at Hope Street as a volunteer in 2012. She joined the Hope Street team in December of 2013 as the Operations Director. In 2015 she was promoted to Assistant Executive Director, and in April of 2016 she was unanimously voted in as the Executive Director. Every day is different but usually includes connecting with people, writing and planning. Ashley has a pulse on the organizational health from the board to staff, our volunteers, and the Hope Street community. Living out the Greenhouse for People brand is essential in all that she does, all in the hope of seeing people flourish.



Assistant Executive Director

Kendall Schoenike is the Operations Director for Hope Street and Shechem. She is in charge of Fund Development, engaging the next generation through our subcommittee Rising Hope and other behind the scenes details. She first served as a Summer Intern in 2019, and officially joined the staff in Spring of 2020. She has a Bachelor of Science in Community & Nonprofit Leadership and Religious Studies with certificates in Sustainability and Leadership from UW-Madison. 



Program  Director

For a decade, Julie has worked in different avenues of vocational Children’s and Family ministry. She is passionate about discipleship, teaching, outreach, and restorative ministry. Through the narrative of her own story and God’s redemptive purposes, Julie has become passionate about the power of story. This has led her to pursue her Masters in Mental Health Counseling. Through relationship, honest conversation, and strategic intervention centered around the word of God, life change is possible.



Hannah Dirkse joined the Hope Street team in August of 2016 as the Social Worker. She equips our members to live, learn and develop new habits which help all to flourish. She oversees the Flourishing Metric, our relationships with community organizations and available resources for our members. During a typical day at Hope Street you may find her meeting with community partners, creating art with our members, or hanging out with our kiddos. You can often hear Hannah’s contagious laugh before you see her. Hannah is always willing to make the call for more information, ask the difficult question and reflect.



Director of Community Relations

Brooke joined the Hope Street team in May of 2019 and utilizes her gifts to create community with our kiddos and invite the greater community into the culture of Hope Street through social media and volunteer oversight.



In September of 2020 Rhonda joined our Hope Street team as the Ministry Director. She is responsible for the application and interview process as well as ensuring people uphold their part of being a member at Hope Street.