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hope street golf outing

Monday, August 14th | The Legends at Merrill Hills | 10am Registration Opens

It’s no secret that we all have a little growing and healing to do. We often and easily fall into bad patterns or out of good ones, we find ourselves eating more and exercising less, having another drink, or picking up a habit we thought we long got rid of. At Hope Street, we focus on holistic wellbeing in the areas of mental/emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual health. We’re grateful we get to provide opportunities for growth in the area of physical health as we offer basketball and group exercises classes in the gym, as our members have a safe place to live, as we host classes on nutrition and see people walk away from toxic habits and turn towards making healthy choices. 


Physical health is often a starting point that leads us to have better health in other areas of our lives. When we step out and do the hard thing, the daunting task, like getting ourselves into the gym, we find ourselves feeling and doing better across the board. Just as we all have brokenness, we all have the opportunity to flourish.


Just as physical health is a starting point for our overall well being, this is a starting point for you at Hope Street. This golf outing is an invitation into our community, a time to get out and have some fun, learn a bit more about us all while supporting the physical health programming we have at Hope Street. Join us, August 14th at The Legend @ Merrill Hills for our first ever Golf Outing!

Ticket Prices

  • $150 Early Bird Pricing 

  • $175 Individual Ticket

  • $600 Foursome

Early Bird pricing ends

May 1, 2023!


  • Help make this event possible through our many sponsorship opportunities! Click the button below to learn more!

event details

  • Location: The Legend at Merrill Hills

  • W270S3425 Merrill Hills Rd. Waukesha, WI 53189

  • Time: 10am-6:30pm

2023 Event Sponsors

Dinner & Cocktail Hour Sponsor

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In Honor of Jedidiah
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