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Our Program

A greenhouse is a protected environment where plants are shielded from the outside elements. This protection is one factor that allows the plants to grow. If shelter was the only thing a greenhouse provided, however, the plants wouldn't grow in the way they were created to. Plants also require light and water to flourish.


Hope Street, The Greenhouse for People on 26th and Capitol, provides housing and healing for men, women and children. While we protect from the outside toxic environment through providing housing, we also promise to cultivate hope and build community. These things, in return, are for our protection as well.

The programming and classes offered at Hope Street are our commitment to disrupting lies we have lived out of and restoring our physical, spiritual, mental and intellectual health to truth. The programming and classes are in part, water and light. They are designed to add to our lives so that we can grow and flourish.

Below are the three areas of programming we offer at Hope Street:



We all experience our own brokenness, trauma, and fears. We often hold onto these things and bring them with us, allowing them to seep into every area of our lives. They affect us physically, spiritually, mentally and intellectually. Without disruption, they lead us to shame, anger, and poor choices.

Transplant programming offers classes and workshops in the areas of physical, spiritual and intellectual health to disrupt unhealthy thought patterns and provide tools and frameworks to begin to grow.


A plant with deep and strong roots has the ability to grow and remain strong even when the outside environment changes. If we have deep roots in nourishing soil, we can handle challenges that come our way.

Rooted programming focuses specifically on mental health. 


When you have foundation for our mental health and faith in God’s Word, we are able to grow within the many circumstances we have experienced or will experience. Rooted programming equips us to do that.

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Hope Street is home to about 18 children at any given time.

Our Seedling program provides opportunities and equips children who call Hope Street home for life beyond Hope Street. It focuses on self-development as each and every child living here grows and matures into adulthood.

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