Our Program

We are a Greenhouse for People. We provide a healthy, safe, controlled environment where the 40 or so men, women, and children who live here can take refuge from the toxic conditions they’ve come from as well as take ownership of the poor choices they’ve made. Members living here in this nurturing community learn what is necessary to develop new habits.


We offer classes in house and facilitate off campus participation in subjects such as:

  • Integrative Wellness, where diet, sleep, stress, and exercise are woven into the reality of our lives by the chefs, nurses, and counselors from the community

  • Addiction. We offer one on ones with AODA counselors for those interested as well as groups teaching the wisdom and truth of the freedom offered to us in the Gospel

  • Forgiveness

  • Education: GED assessment and tutoring

  • Family dynamics, relational boundaries, father/motherhood

  • Life skills and job preparedness

  • Healing from trauma including sexual abuse


By the grace of God and through the perseverance of the men, women, and children living here, each resident can flourish in our society after living in the Greenhouse For People on 26th and Capitol.