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Cultivate hope

A greenhouse is an environment where growth can happen. We see the hope of growth being cultivated by a mutual respect that comes from an intrinsic, divine dignity. We are all, despite our individual, cultural, and many other brokennesses, created in the image of God and therefore equally invaluable. To that end as adults we will encourage each other, offer suggestions, and give examples of choices and possible consequences or outcomes. In most cases we will not make choices for others, telling them what they “need” to do. Growth comes from making wise choices, but if someone else is making most of the choices for an individual, the chance for growth and lasting transformation in that individual is minimalized or even destroyed.

ways we Cultivate hope

  • Disrupt unhealthy patterns and thought-patterns

  • Provide an environment that reinforces inherit dignity

  • Develop and connect with ways we can take care of ourselves 


A greenhouse is also a place that protects its “plants” from outside elements. Toxic relationships, violence, harmful thought patterns, evil, unhealthy diets, lack of exercise and drugs and alcohol are many of the norms we see in the culture right outside our doors. We refuse to allow these and other poisons in our Greenhouse for People because we know they could kill any of us. We all need this protection.

ways we protect

  • We offer a physically safe place to live and be. We have a locked building with a security system.

  • We do random drug/alcohol testing for those who live here.

build community

Our community is led by an Individual who delights in us, even and especially in our weakness. Jesus is the source of our hope, joy, and peace. Each of us, as His image bearers, have the choice to allow Him, specifically His love for us, change us into even more and more of His likeness. As we receive and glory in this state of belovedness, He becomes our beloved as well! In and through this communion we will love ourselves in reverence of Him and quite naturally, we would love others as we see His glory in others. It is only in this community we can truly flourish.

ways we grow together

  • Learn how to be in healthy relationships with others and yourself

  • Develop new support systems

  • Provide opportunities to come together as a community through classes, Community Meeting and living and being in close proximity to one another.

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