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Shechem at Hope Street improves our ability to provide transformative healing to our members.

While Shechem is open, we are still raising funds for the building. Over the years Hope Street has worked diligently to steward donations to drive impact. We have seen growth in over 1,800 men, women and children because of donations from our faithful community of supporters. Now, we are looking at our future. We need supporters to commit to our future through Shechem at Hope Street, helping us to extend our mission while remaining debt-free. By completing this Declaration of Intention, you are sharing with us your intended contribution over the next 3 years towards building Shechem. If you have questions about your intention or would like more information before completing yours, please reach out. We’d love to share our vision of Shechem with you. If you have completed your intention card, email it to 

The Latest Shechem News

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August 24, 2023

Join us in celebrating Shechem at Hope Street's ONE YEAR Birthday!

Our mission at Hope Street is to live out the ministry of Jesus by providing a safe place for broken people to grow - in all areas of life - so we can flourish inside and outside of our walls. Shechem at Hope Street improves our ability to provide the housing and healing that achieves that mission.

Past Newsletters

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