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Where am I rooted?

About once a week I get a visit from one of our members, Lloyd. Usually it is just to catch up and see how one another is doing, but oftentimes, these conversations turn into an hour to 2 hour discussion. I will definitely miss these conversations. Lloyd is a pretty awesome individual. What I admire the most about him is his time and commitment towards being with the Lord. This could look like prayer, reading scripture or conversations like ours where he shares not only his personal journey but also what he has learned from diving into the word.

One thing I love about Hope Street is this reciprocal relationship we all have with one another. Yes, I am on staff and am here to support individuals of our community, yet here I am in deep conversations with individuals like Lloyd who are ministering to ME. Lloyd has taught me a lot throughout the brief time that I have known him. Not only through his words but also through his actions. When you talk about having strong roots, I can definitely attest that Lloyd’s run deep! I appreciate how he recognizes the importance in finding answers in scripture, turning to prayer for not only times of need but times of celebration, and for truly investing in his relationship with God.

Lord, I thank You for placing individuals like Lloyd into my life as examples of how to be and remain rooted in You. I ask that we all take some time today, tomorrow, and every day moving forward asking ourselves “where am I rooted”? May we turn to You for guidance. May we follow Your lead and not our own. May we praise You for the work You have done and continue to do in our lives. Lord, may we continue to invest in our relationship with You.




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