# 1 Greenhouse for People

Growing plants is a science. But people? How do you create an environment for people with histories, and fears, and trauma, and….brokenness where each individual can grow and eventually flourish, but, just as importantly, where a whole community can thrive? Welcome to the Greenhouse for People on 26th and Capitol in Milwaukee’s 53206 zip code. Come hear the personal stories of broken men, women, and children growing and flourishing by living in an intentional community where hope is cultivated and protection is enforced from the outside toxic elements.

# 2 cultivate hope

Cultivation is a preparation for growth. When we grow as people it is directly linked to what is true and good. Sometimes, though, how we see ourselves does not match up with either of these. We see the bad we’ve done, or the good we’ve failed to do and we start to believe the lie that who I am is the same as what I’ve done. When all you’ve known is ugly it is hard to find hope. But the truth starts with this: “ the image of God He created them…” The truth of who we are cultivates hope.

#3 Protect

Milwaukee’s northside has a reputation. It’s not pretty. There’s violence and drugs. Some of this is the toxic reality of life and some of this is the fear of perception. The reality is that the toxic elements of life are nearer than we’d like to realize, and, sometimes, it is within the walls of a space meant to protect us from these very things. How can people grow and flourish in the midst of this? Inside the Greenhouse for People protection from outside toxic elements is more than a matter of security, although that is part of it, it is a matter of community.