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1 Year Sober!

Hope Street will never shy away from where we are located. Yes we are right on the corner of 26th and Capitol. You often find our neighborhood on the news for a variety of reasons that aren’t too good. Yet, here we are. The Greenhouse for People on 26th and Capitol. HERE good things DO happen. HERE God’s protection and safety can be seen on a daily basis.

Many of you have probably seen photos of Amanda and her kids on social media. Each one of them brings a light to our community here at Hope Street. Amanda came to Hope Street with a history of addiction hoping to create a positive change in her life and for her children. As an addict, change can be difficult when right outside your door there are people selling drugs or lighting up. This has been an ongoing fight for Amanda. Just the other day she ran into a former “friend” who was using right at the gas station down the street. In the midst of this toxic 53206 zip code that Hope Street falls within, Amanda continues to show up at Hope Street. Every day she comes home. She comes home to a space where she feels safe and protected from this toxic environment. Today marks 1 year of sobriety for Amanda!

Lord, thank you for Hope Street. Thank you for providing a safe space where people can be, where people can grow, and where people can LIVE! Lord, I am just so thankful that your presence is felt here. No matter what goes on around our building or sometimes right outside our front door, you continue to be present and with every person who walks through our doors. Lord, I thank you for Amanda, Marley, Zylo and Talia. May you continue to wrap your arms around them. May they feel your warmth and feel the safety that you provide for them. I thank you for the ability to get to know each one of them and I ask that you continue to give Amanda the strength to remain sober. To continue to make that fight for herself each and every day and know that she is not doing it alone. May she know that You, me, Ashley, Rhonda, Kendall, Hannah, Michelle, Stephanie, Lisa and SO many others are here right alongside her, Lord and we will never give up on her!




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