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We are all familiar with the common phrase of love your neighbor as yourself. We often place lots of emphasis on this love we are suppose to give to those we come in contact with. Yet what is the love we are giving? Is it conditional, is it authentic, is it overflowing? Chances are not so much, or maybe once every blue moon. So why is that? As I made my way down capitol like I do every day, this simple thought came over me:

You can’t love others well, until you love yourself and you can’t love yourself unless you know the one who loves you.

Father, thank you that your love is sufficient; it doesn’t count wrongs, it pierces all of our fears, it forgives, it builds up and it sustains. I pray that every man, woman and child inside the GFP, as well as all of your children in different zip codes would experience your love. That it would overwhelm them. That they would know there is nothing they can do to not receive it for it pursues us. I pray that your love would set the captive free, release the prisoners from darkness, comfort those who mourn, restore beauty, produce joy and bring us to a state of continual praise. And Father once we immerse ourselves in that would you give us the power to share it with our neighbor?

Your beloved, Ashley

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