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Doin' TOO much

You're still here?

You should go home.

You need a vacation! (4 year old)

You may be a workaholic.

Try not to stay too late tonight.

These are phrases heard more often than not from our members, volunteers, my teammates etc. my response... I usually nod and smile, say okay, formulate some excuse, ultimately disregard. I'm not telling you this to tell on myself although I probably should. I'm telling you this, because I think I've had an unhealthy view of self. A view that says well if I put this much more in... then this much more will be produced.

Well the other night or technically early morning...the verse "Be still and know that I am God" came to mind. My response yes, Lord thanks I know. That's on my favorite mug at work, remember? Nope, Ashley be still. I am God. I will still move, but you need to rest.

Being a leader begs you to lead by example. While the example I believe I have set in regards to working hard is great, I've failed miserably at the "rest" part. The part that enables you to do the work well. The part that keeps all things in the right perspective. While I firmly believe we are all given the necessary grace to enter into seasons, I also believe that if God, the God of all creation took a day (time and space) to rest, we should too. In addition he invites us to join him, we shouldn't get that mixed up with him needing us "to do" for him.

Lord, thanks for gentle reminders from children. Thanks for gentle reminders from you. May we remember that we were created to create and rest. That both are best done inside the paradigm you created for us. May we explore what that looks like, no matter how uncomfortable it may initially be. Most of all may we find moments to be still, and know you are God.



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