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"Be BRAVE. Don't settle. Say how you feel. Find your passion. Be true to yourself. Stand up for things that matter Don't apologize for who you are. Love with every ounce of your being."

Brian, Dorcas, Karyll, Hannah and Rachael are superheroes. They are brave. They don't settle. They say how they feel. They are passionate. They are true to self. They stand for things that matter. They don't apologize for who God made them. They love with every ounce of their being. They are superheroes. They don't often get acknowledged for the great work they do, but they keep doing it.

I am sure I can be pretty hard to work for. I am driven, motivated and passionate about what I get to do. I want everyone to go a million miles per hour, continually save the day and be "on" because there is evil out there to fight. I am able to maintain that pace for periods of time because of the incredible team I have beside me. Beside, not behind. We fight together. In the midst of that I often forget to say, "Thank You!" or "You are awesome!" even though that is how I feel. It turns out superheroes don't always realize how "super" they are. Would you do me a favor? Would you thank our superheroes? Their emails are their names

Father, thank you that you are the ultimate superhero. Thank you that you left your power behind, through your Holy Spirit, so that we too can join you in the fight for all mankind. Thank you for the superheroes you placed on the corner of 26th and Capitol. We love them and are so thankful they choose to "be" at the GFP.



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