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Baaaad Sistah

“Ms. Ashley you know what, you are one baaaaaad sistah! You mean business and yet, let us know you love us at the same time.”

Donise (Hope Street member)

Started the week out hearing this. Initially I laughed because it was in the midst of our weekly community meeting and caught me off guard. Yet, as I drove home reflecting on the fact the next day (Monday) marked 4 years since I started my part of “business” at Hope Street, I smiled. Business and Love.

Monday, as I sat with my team and ate chocolate cake, Dorcas asked, “So what has changed the most since you started at Hope Street?” The question pierced something deep within me as my eyes began to well up, I knew the best and truly only answer, ME. Business and Love.

Most of my life I have meant business. Set a goal, achieve it. Don’t stop until you do. The only problem is that it usually didn’t matter who was hurt in the process (myself or those around me). There was lots of business but not a ton of love. Hope Street has taught me how to love well. To love the business and to love the people the “business” is for and let’s not forget myself too. The thing that was most powerful about what Donise said was the fact that both in their right place are good. So I can use my gifts, work hard, be passionate and love well all at the same time. So loving doesn’t mean soft, it just means keeping things in the right perspective. Thank you Donise and the countless other members in the GFP who have taught me so much.

Father you created work, so work is good. Yet, there in your creation was love in the midst of all that you did. Thank you for the reciprocal learning that takes place inside this special place on 26th and Capitol. May each of us remember we can be baaad in a way that reflects your goodness.

To the next four years,


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