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Is This a Prayer?

“Yeah, isn't it amazing how a man can find himself alone

Calling through the darkness for an answer that is never known

Yeah, isn't it amazing how a God can take a broken man

And let him find a fortune let him ruin it with his own two hands”

Difference Maker - NEEDTOBREATHE

A broken man. A broken young man. Max. A kid in my eyes. The ripe age of 26. Smart. Funny. Blonde hair worn in a messy bun. White teeth. Great smile. Warm. Fortune. Calling to the darkness for an answer that he has never known. Today. Yesterday. The past 7 years.

One might say..”You had a fortune, Max. You ruined it with your own two hands.” Did he? Is that right? Is there a place for what’s right?

He is alone.

He is calling.

He is Broken.

We, Hope Street, help broken men. I am a difference maker. But how valuable is that really?

Hannah and I “pack” up his stuff. We wear gloves. We fold clothes. We tie bags in nice knots. We save “important things”. We search drawers. We look under the bed. We look under the couch. We protect his roommate. We strip his bedding. We bring a rag and bleach and water. We clean the mess. We clean up the fortune that was “ruined”. But is it ruined? No.

God, you are the difference maker. You are beating death. I AM.


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