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Burden. I used to think I had made it to the top of the “spiritual tiers” when I knew I had been placed with a burden. Now I wish someone would take it away. Do you have that thing in your life that gets you up in the morning, or keeps you up all night? The thing that if nothing is done about it you are righteously outraged and unsettled? Maybe it’s human trafficking, slavery, refugees, orphans, the next generation, or the addicted. Or maybe quite frankly it is your teenage daughter, spouse or unkept household. Whatever your thing or your burden is.. when was the last time you laid it at Christ’s feet? When was the last time you acknowledged that as outraged or passionate as you are about it, God is more. Rest weary soul. Be still. Trust. Know that He is God. He is sovereign. And while He gives us grace for seasons to be all in, He gives us grace to be restless, tired and hungry for more all at the same time. Rest. Father, you are God. Allow us to create and give you space in our lives to be all that you are. Keep us from putting you in box on a shelf, next to the books that empower us to live our lives for our burden. May we just allow you to empower us? Thanks for the gift of a burden. Thanks that it keeps us aware of our humanity. Most of all thanks that it doesn’t rest on my shoulders. I give it back to you, although it was yours all along. Please let me have what you will for each day and may I be content with taking on my small part. Willing to rest, Ash

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