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When things are moving fast, if you aren’t careful you will miss the moments that are making a difference. The thankful moments. This week I want to share some things we want to praise God for!

Kirk is now an MATC professor in Chemistry!

Our members have kept the building safe as our main entrance has been worked on.

Terry for making our courtyard look beautiful.

Michael and Larry for taking care of our pool table.

Bill for planting seed, covering with straw and walking back and forth to water our grass because we don’t have a spigot out front.

Thomas for all of the painting he has done, including my favorite part - painting our front door green (see it on Saturday at the Open House).

Tracey’s willingness to help out wherever and whenever needed.

Hannah’s creative gift. She is like a living and breathing Pinterest board.

Dan who is re-tiling our front entrance.

Our kiddos who always make life more fun.

Donise who faithfully feeds the plants out back each week.

Supporters who drop off a tasty treat for staff.

The interesting thing about finding things to be thankful for, is once you start it is easy to keep going. You know sort of like if you focus on the negative. Today, I’m thankful for a group of faithful people who show up each day and obediently choose to join God in what He is doing at Hope Street.

Amen - Ash

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