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Morning Gratitude

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." - GK Chesterton

Father God we thank you this morning in the midst of worry, and troubles, and burdens that no one else is witness to. I pray that we, all of us, open our heart to you in gratitude, filled with a sense of wonder in the reality that you are working in and through all things for our good - for what could be greater than being drawn nearer to you?

Father, we pray for those who have relapsed and feel distant from you, who feel distant from the truth of the image they bear and your gracious love. We also pray for our community in the midst of health problems - it seems so many conversations have revealed personal health problems, or the illness of somebody close. Where it is your will, Lord, bring healing, and where it is not bring comfort. Lastly Father, we pray for those who are grieving right now - surround them with the loving embrace of your Church, for we are meant to be your hands on this earth.

We ask these things in gratitude, in the wonder of who you are Father. Thank you, amen.


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