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"Then God said.... So God created...." - Genesis 1:26-27

I do not usually like taking snippets of bible passages - I worry that I might misconstrue or manipulate the meaning to fit my own; but this phrasing "Then God said.... So God created...." has struck me lately. He has called your name out of the dark void and into existence - each of us is walking in that truth right now, whether we believe or not.

Father God I am grateful for the whole of your creation, especially humanity, whom you have endowed with your image. Father, I pray that we are also mindful, then, of the power of our own words - to shape, uplift, create... or tear-down and destroy. Father, let our words be a balm to our brothers and sisters, that each of us may come to grow in your peace. Let these words be true, and loving.

Father I thank you for Hope Street - you have called each of us here in the midst of our own brokenness, and we have found a family here who speaks hard truths with love. You have built a community on 26th and Capitol that calls one another by the name you called us in the beginning, when you spoke us from the void into the present. You have built all of this through our weakness, through the ways in which we are more broken, and the power of what you speak is made perfect in our weakness.

Praise Him! Amen.


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