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Reciprocal Relationships

“Our Father in heaven, Lord I come to you Father for Ashley - I can feel her stress level and the heaviness of her mind and heart. Lord please give her peace. Sometimes we as human beings pick up our burdens instead of leaving them at the cross. I know my sister, Father please give her the understanding she needs in Jesus name, Amen.”

This prayer was sent to me via text and followed by “I love you Ashley and I know you have a full plate. Hopefully you can delegate to some people around you to help. If you need me you have me.”

This is from my friend. This friend happens to be a former Hope Street member. She stopped by to see me today and apparently my face told her just “how well” I am doing.

So I am just going to keep it simple this week and say Father, thank you for the men, women and children who live at Hope Street. Thank you for the relationships that are formed and the long lasting friendships. Thank you that I am known just as I seek to know our people. Thank you for my friend and her prayer - I needed it, I need it, I need you.

Amen, Ash.

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