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It’s a beautiful morning to sit outside and write a prayer. The cooler air in the morning feels so refreshing. A pair of snuggly pajama pants. A long sleeved shirt. A sweater. Steam coming from a fresh cup of black coffee. The birds are chirping. You can still hear some crickets. A few leaves dust the deck.

Ten minutes ago I yelled at my daughter because the bus, yet again, was sitting at our driveway waiting for HER. I’m gonna email the bus driver and tell her she (my daughter) should get the dreaded “bus report” everytime she (the bus driver) has to wait for her (my daughter). Yep, that’s what I’m going to do as soon as I pray.

Heavenly Father,

The mornings have been so beautiful. The fog yesterday, the cool air in my lungs today, the song of the bird in my ears. Thank you that your mercies and grace are new everyday. There are a lot of moving parts at Hope Street lately; Known filming, Members moving out and on, new Members moving in, apartments to be cleaned and staged, change in schedules, a fundraiser to plan, kids starting school and getting in the groove of homework, sports, and friends, and a Member traveling “back home” to visit family she hasn’t seen in YEARS. Lord, I pray that as we move through today we lean into you and the plenty that you provide for us. May we not do too much or force what you haven’t asked of us. May we really look to you as the guide of our life today. May we breathe deep and feel your presence. Finally, may we walk with grace towards our kids even when they frustrate the heck out of us...regularly.



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