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Home of Mirrors

Hope Street has a way of allowing you to look at your own brokenness through the mirror of others. It can be really scary. Very scary. But, sometimes that mirror is a really good thing. A really good thing.

Seeing our brokenness can lead us to two things: denial or action.

Dear Father,

You are so good. You are so mighty. You are so kind. You are so loving. Your grace and mercy is new everyday and I am so thankful for that. I see how you have revealed our broken pieces. Lord, as we continue to prepare for this weekend I pray that others will come to our Family Reunion willing to see their brokenness in the mirror that is our Members, our staff and our volunteers who share about themselves and the brokenness that brought them to Hope Street. I pray that you help us all to action; to rid the shackles and come close to You. I pray that we become comfortable with the intimacy of a relationship with you. May this weekend bring honor and glory to you, God. The victory is yours and may we have the courage to stand in it with you.



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