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I’m pretty sure I like Thanksgiving food the next day and the day after that better than day of. Leftovers are some of my favorite things. But eventually I get sick of them too.

Our members like leftover food as well but, they are used to getting everyone else’s leftover stuff too; at Hope Street we do our best to avoid that from happening.

We have a rule - if you wouldn’t use it, then we don’t want it. Just because people are coming from a place of nothing doesn’t mean we settle with good enough. In fact I would make the argument that we ought to do our best to provide the very best in order to instill ownership, a healthy sense of pride and allow God to restore dignity.

God is a God who continually gives us better than we deserve. Reality check - if you think you have earned things - reflect back on Thanksgiving. ALL things are a Gift from God (James 1:17). He’s entrusted you to steward those gifts well.

Father, thank you for always providing. Thank you for the gifts of talent and treasure that you entrust us with. May we use them well. You have given us the opportunity to join you in building up your kingdom - may we do that intentionally, thoughtfully and in the very best way we are able to. May we not look down upon but truly see each man, woman and child as you see them, a gift - who you lovingly pour your grace and mercy over. Amen.

I love leftovers for food; I’m so thankful I work at a place that doesn’t have that same mentality when it comes to serving people.

Good. Not good enough.

With you, Ash

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