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In college, before every game I would sit in front of my locker and stare down at my shoes. I would soak in the moment and think to myself - imprint this moment in your brain, someday you won't be here.

Yesterday, I sat in my office and had a similar moment. I recalled the first day I walked through Hope Street's doors and how I have changed the paint color in every office as I have made my way through different roles leading up to Executive Director.

You can find the rest of my thoughts in my blog here

So I am HERE. Fully present in the moment and so thankful for the opportunity to hear the laughing children, problem solve through the drama and celebrate the growth in the lives of men, women and children at Hope Street.

Thank you for the ways YOU have invested in me. I can't tell you how much your support, prayers and encouragement along the way make each day worth the ups and downs. I have a short and simple prayer - Father, may we be intentional about where you plant our feet. May we be fully present and accept each day as gift, no matter what it brings. May we enjoy the season knowing full well it may not be the last stop. Thank you for leading me to Hope Street, thank you for placing me here.

Here's to being here.

Present, Ash

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