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Open Doors

Booty shaking.

Markers without caps.

Tripping over basketballs.

Dodging Nerf bullets.

As families continue to move in and school lets out for the summer, our offices have quickly turned into playgrounds. The space always seems to be filled with movement. For me, there is not a better part of the day than smiling kids in their pajamas walking, crawling, or riding through our doors.

Our offices are far more than a place for answering emails, coordinating, and creating documents. They are a place for conversation. For friendship. For kids. For working out problems. For stories. For pranks. They are a place for life to happen and community to build.

While there are times during the day I am eager for just a moment to stay focused on work, I more often find myself waiting for another member to walk in. The community here is so strong that it can be hard to be away from. Everyone who walks through these doors quickly feels connected. There are no strangers within Hope Street.

Lord, I am thankful for this community of open doors. I pray that everyone feels comfortable to walk through our doors and join this community. There can be fear when entering into new spaces. Help us to gain the strength to recognize those safe spaces that you have opened for us.

Amen. Kendall

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