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More of Him

We have all heard it before – right? Less of me, and more of Him. It has a nice ring to it…but what does that look like in our everyday life. The recent heat wave provided many examples of people living out their lives in a “less of me, and more of Him” mindset at the Greenhouse for People.

Our July Serve Sat event attracted 30 volunteers, who worked tirelessly in hot conditions, moving furniture, pulling weeds, and cleaning our facility. One went out and bought two umbrellas so our members could enjoy some shade in the courtyard as they gather and share life together. Less of me, more of Him.

On a 90 degree day, staff, members and kiddos enjoyed a fun-filled day at a pool…where everyone splashed about, screamed with joy, and gobbled up good eats. A chance to see a different side of each other. Not as staff and members - but as family and friends - children of God - living and loving without fear. Less of me, more of Him.

Members with A/C units and fans opening their doors and sharing the cool, refreshing air with others. And on the hottest day, a teenage member helping me secure and adjust sprinkler heads in our refuge garden. Sweaty & uncomfortable, he didn’t give up. Less of me, more of Him.

Heavenly Father-you know how much we struggle with letting go of the time we want to control, the things we want to have, and the willingness to be who you have called us to be. As we continue to grow together in this perfectly balanced environment of needs and offerings - helps us to empty ourselves of all we hold on to - filling us with your Spirit - and letting more of you shine through.

Amen. Thomas

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