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How are you doing?

“How are you doing Ms. Ashley?”

- Nicole; Current Hope Street Member

I’m not sure I knew just how much I missed hearing those words. Or more frankly how much I’ve needed to hear them. Nicole doesn’t know it but Amanda asked me that each morning in her high pitched voice as she went about cleaning the building. She would peek in, smile, wait for me to respond and depending on that response come in, or go about her business. We both knew we needed to check in on one another. Amanda, like me, was really good at smiling and leaving whatever was just below the surface to remain there. However, we both knew eventually it would be time to share how we were REALLY doing.

Nicole has started to check in each day. She left me a mug last week. On the top it says, “People won’t remember everything you said, but they will remember how you treated them. You Inspire.”

When you’re stuck in a season of wondering whether it would matter if you walked out the door and never came back in....things like that silence the fear. The fears that lead to frustration, anxiety and discontent. I’m struggling. It’s probably pretty obvious. In spite of what others may deem as “right” the people I’ve come to “serve” are giving back to me in ways I could never begin to ask for.

You see, those three words: Greenhouse for People. They include me. I’m part of the community. I need to be reminded of what’s true. My growth and flourishing is tied up in the community too.

The day it isn’t, should be my last. For now I’ll show up and be the best version of myself, which is real and messed up all in one. One last hopefully helpful thought for the day....Don't let fear bring back what truth has banished.

Father, your will be done. Not mine, just yours. I trust you.

Amen, Ash

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