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“Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.” Philippians 2:2

We are really good at putting things into categories and labeling them. Hip-hop vs. Indie vs. Pop vs. Country. Business casual and street wear. Rustic and modern. We’re good at doing this with people too. Suburban and urban. Rich and poor. I am one thing. Someone else is another thing. Then we’ll tell you who belongs in what category and what is expected of them because of that category. We create ideas that oppose each other, when these ideas are not inherently opposite. Then we lean into them, creating distinct separations. These false dichotomies that we create lead us away from each other and away from you. We are really good at putting something into a box and labeling it. This teaches us how not to belong, when you created us to belong. In Buddhism there is this really cool concept of nonduality. It suggests a lot but at a low level understanding it means non-separate or centerless. It goes further than togetherness or being a part of something. Instead it shows we are all of the same thing, and I would suggest that thing is you. We are one in you. Father help us. Help us be with one another. Help us know, love and trust one another. Help us to see beyond our conditioned lives, our implicit lives. Give us the strength to break down our perceptions based on the way we have labeled the world around us. Help us be of one mind. Help us to love perfectly.


Kendall Schoenike


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