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And the Answer is...

As I look back on 2019, there have been numerous situations that have left members, staff, and just myself personally to wonder why? This could be in relation to a death, bomb threat, or even just some choice that was made.

As a kid, we were always encouraged to not be afraid to raise our hand and ask a question. More specifically to not be afraid to ask why when we did not understand something. This word why seemed to be a common theme while growing up and there always seemed to be some answer to it. 

This is where I have noticed myself struggle over the years as I have begun to grow up and realize that not everything can be answered with a why. Which then leads me to ask why is that? Or why not? I would say my greatest piece of advice that I received in 2019 is to be okay with not knowing why. This is obviously easier said than done. As with almost anything, it takes time to truly be able to adapt to some form of change. In this case, being comfortable with not always having an answer. 

Lord, please help us to be okay with not understanding or knowing why. Help us to be content with the fact that every situation is in your hands and that you will be there to guide us through ever loss, misfortune, or poor decision-making.

Amen, Brooke.


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