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Lord, today I am just so thankful for this community you have built through Hope Street. As I was giving a talk just a couple of days ago, I couldn’t help but think about how awesome it is that the members of our community are made up of so many walks of life, so many backgrounds with so many histories and stories of their own - both shared and unique of one another. And those members are not just those currently living in our building on 26th and Capitol. It’s our past, present and future members who will reside here. It’s the dad who spoke to me at Ethnos 360 who is looking to get his whole family involved. It’s the UWM students who put on a fundraiser for Hope Street this past weekend. It’s the mom from Nashotah who comes down every Wednesday for morning prayer. It’s the couple who has never been to Hope Street but consistently gives. THESE people are the members of our community and without them this Greenhouse for People would not be what it is today.

Lord, thank you for intentionally creating a space where all can be a member. I thank you for the opportunities to continue to share about Hope Street and Shechem and for us to be able to invite more people into this beautiful (and sometimes messy) community. God I just ask that all feel welcome here. To know that being a member of this community does not require perfection. That your brokenness does not make you less than. Lord, I ask that this prayer reaches who it needs to today - may it be an invitation to be a part of something bigger!




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