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“We are failing to let the victory of Christ in our lives in the fullest way, because we aren't willing to step away from our sense of control, our ample supply, or our sense of material comfort”.

- Louie Giglio

For those that know me, I am not much of a reader. It is any area of my life that I have been trying to “improve”on so to speak. Over the course of the last several months I have been chipping away at a book that many may be all too familiar with called Goliath Must Fall. The other night I dove into a section titled “Comfort Must Fall”. A very interesting concept and one that is all too true.

At Hope Street, one of the ways we cultivate hope is by disrupting unhealthy patterns and thought patterns. A practical, but not so easy, way to do so is to encourage individuals to be ok with discomfort. For many this may look very different. For some, it could be trying out a new job, saying no to someone in your life in order to focus on oneself, accepting help, or even taking the next step and moving out of Hope Street. There is comfort in familiarity even when that familiarity does not benefit oneself. However, we must recognize just as Louie Giglio said that “faith thrives in discomfort”. Sometimes all it takes is just being willing to be uncomfortable!

Father, today I ask that you help us be willing to be uncomfortable. May we recognize what it is in our lives that we are leaning on for comfort - whether that be material objects, money, a job, relationships - you know what those things are, Lord, and I pray that you make them known to us. I ask that we all remember our faith in you and lean on you! May we rid ourselves of this need for a sense of control over the comfort in our lives because at the end of the day YOU are in control. YOU have an ultimate plan for our lives that far exceeds any plan that we could create for ourselves and because of that, we can be completely comfortable in knowing our lives are in your hands - but we need to be willing to follow YOUR lead, not our own.




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