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Grace and Mercy

As I sit and contemplate how far I’ve come and all that I went through, I can't help but smile and thank God for all of my trials and tribulations.

This I know now develops us for the type of person we are to become. 

This is what is known as GRACE and MERCY, which we receive everyday!

I pray that everyone receives that grace and mercy and keeps their eye on the prize which is our Lord God.

I pray that we as a people can obey God and treat everyone as equal human beings

I also would like to take the time to acknowledge that I am a child of God, and so are YOU.

Thank God for everything about Hope Street Ministry which has played a major part in my life in which it has turned a confused broken girl/woman into a phenomenal woman, who still makes mistakes, but grows and learns from them on a daily basis.

*Remember to always try to turn a negative into a positive.

With much love and thanks,

Mama Rhonda


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