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Hope Street Transplant

Hi, my name is Robie King. I came to Hope Street in 2018 with plans to fix my broken life. At that time I came from a treatment center, with a job and $60. I had $10,000 in debt and an eviction unpaid. I needed a clean and safe environment to live in in order to fulfill a plan to be free of brokenness. During my time at Hope Street I continued to get better jobs until I found one that makes life comfortable (Quad Graphic). I had medical issues that were addressed and I began to feel healthier. Then I had a stroke after being at Hope Street for 19 months. The services Hope Street has offered me has strengthened me to pay $6,500 of my $10,000 in debt all the while still paying my monthly membership to live here. They helped me with a dental problem I had been suffering with on a daily basis. The computer services from the volunteers in The Vine were most welcomed and I really learned how to use the computer well. I also enjoyed all of the spiritual classes and outings I was able to attend. I am so grateful for a place like Hope Street for now I am able to move out into my own apartment with a job to take care of myself better. Another thing I am so very grateful for is the help furnishing my new home to give me a jump start in continuing to be free of brokenness. I want to thank Hope Street so much for having me.


How long do people stay?

That is a common question we are asked followed up by how do you know someone is ready to go?

Robie King moved into Hope Street on February 5, 2018. She came to us with an all too familiar past of addiction, unhealthy relationships and a distorted view of herself. From the beginning she has been a hard worker. She is determined to do the right thing and put in the time and energy it takes to be successful. Robie is a talker, she is known to pop her head into the office and sit in a chair and share what is new with her, what she is struggling with and how we can support her. The thing I admire most about her is she advocates for herself. She doesn’t sit back and wait for things to come to her. One defining moment that sticks out is the morning of Amanda’s passing. Robie without hesitation took Amanda’s girls under her wing. She brought them to her apartment, prepared breakfast and comforted the girls. Her all too familiar hard exterior was let down in a moment when people in her community needed her strength and presence. She took the love she has experienced and lavishly poured it out onto others in a time of need.

Has it always been easy during Robie’s stay - nope. On more than one occasion I ran upstairs into an apartment where I heard female voices screaming. Arguments over seemingly insignificant things like toilet paper - but at the core a desire to be heard, to be seen and to be loved. Being in community is tricky. Being put with a random roommate can be nearly impossible for some. Yet, Robie willingly leaned into the mess and has become a better person because of it.

Robie has learned what it looks like to be in community.

We are proud of who she is becoming and we look forward to celebrating her transplant from Hope Street.

Our promise to our members on the front end is if they do the work and stay the minimum requirement of 6 months - complete the phases of the Flourishing Metric and leave without a balance - we will furnish their new home. This is where you have the opportunity to join us. Robie has put together a list of items she will need for her new home. We accept monetary donations - we will take Robie shopping for the items she needs or else you can donate new or gently used (items you would still use) of the items that are on her list below.

Hannah, our Social Worker ( is the main point of contact. You can send her questions, picture of items you have etc.

Thank you for helping us celebrate flourishing members! We are proud of you Robie!

Ashley Thomas

Executive Director

Items needed:

-bedroom set


-2 chairs

-small kitchen table




-pots and pans


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21. Feb. 2020

I don't see a list of items needed, please post or direct me where to find it. Thank you!

Gefällt mir
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