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Before every game in college, my coach would have an inspirational quote on the board. It was meant to give us something to think about or focus on as we headed in the game. I remember for a few months - the acronym K.I.S.S. was a recurring quote. It stands for "keep it simple stupid" - and all that we needed to remember was the fundamentals, scouting report and the game plan.

It was really quite simple - there have been a lot of similar conversations around Hope Street lately. People are worrying about things beyond their control, people's focus has been on fleeting things and petty arguments are frequent. There's a lot of "I don't want to be a snitch but...." We have made life complicated and not been in awe of the simplicity of it, when we focus our hearts and minds on the simple things. As I opened my Common Book of Prayer this morning this struck me:

Let your justice roll down like waters, Lord: but float us on your grace.

Simple. Profound. It is in our humility that we are willing and able to receive from Him each day. Our humility reminds us that we must continually be reminded of His good news. His transformative power that extends grace daily and meets us in our brokenness. We are really good at making things complicated - what is the simple game plan He is asking of you in this season? Are you willing to do it? Or is your way best?

To close I want to include the simple, yet beautiful prayer from the Book of Common Prayer for today:

Lord, even the seraphim and cherubim hide their faces in your presence as they declare your praise. Help us mere mortals to humbly dethrone ourselves and bow before you, that in our weakness we might know your good news and forever sing your glory. Amen.



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