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More Than A Building

Hope Street is in a building on 26th and Capitol. Directly to the east of it is currently a vacant lot where we will build a new building called Shechem. We have done a lot of talking about physical space lately. Our 100 year old building always has something that needs to be fixed and our capital campaign for Shechem forces fundraising to be in the forefront of our mind at all times. BUT last Saturday, as we closed out our weeklong event, we spoke on what happens in our building. I listened to members share about culture, family, love, acceptance and new opportunities. All things that are facilitated inside our space, but go beyond it.

It shouldn’t be that complicated to understand, but it was in that moment that I experienced church. We were outside, not in a building, but we were sharing how we have been the church. Such an encouraging reminder as we all probably have the tendency to care a little more (too much) about the building and not what happens in and outside of it, WHO is there and how are their lives flourishing. This isn’t a pat on the back, but it is one big Thank YOU Jesus for allowing us to experience community with you, and with your people. 

Father, thank you for all the men, women and children that joined us last week at the Shechem lot as well as all over Greater Milwaukee at host sites. Thank you for the opportunity to meet new people, hear stories and watch people’s excitement for what is to come. Thank you for the reminder that the space gets to facilitate the real work, and ultimately that work should transcend space. Keep our eyes fixed on you, our hearts soft and our minds wise and bold. We are grateful that you go before us. May we never forget “it” is always about more than just a building. 

Amen, Ash


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