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At Hope Street we Cultivate Hope, Build Community and PROTECT.

Our value propositions equip us to walk alongside men, women and children with a very clear purpose and mission. Many aren’t surprised when they hear the word “protect” in relation to one of the values we would place a heavy emphasis on. If you know we reside on 26th and Capitol, our neighborhoods reputation precedes it, and you know we have to be intentional about protecting from the outside toxic environment.

When we got close to opening our doors at Shechem at Hope Street we knew this space would require or best be served with some formal form of onsite security. We knew this person would have to be the proper balance of love, truth and grace. We want our space to feel welcoming and available, but we also want people to feel a sense of peace and safety. Who better to understand this than one of our own members who has experienced that reality in her time at Hope Street.

Part of protecting, is loving, caring for and respecting the men, women and children who come through our doors. Lisa does that alongside helping provide a safe space where people can grow and have fun. We have 150 new members in our first month, and while we may have had a few reminders of “the rules”, the young adults who consistently show up have understood pretty quickly what goes and what doesn’t inside our space.

One young man walked two of his friends out of the building the other day stating, “we don’t do that here” in reference to their language when things got heated on the basketball court. Culture changes things, setting the standard equips people to feel a sense of belonging and responsibility. I am grateful we have Lisa to help enforce that inside of Shechem alongside the staff, and many faithful volunteers.

Father, thank you for the opportunity to open our doors to the community in new way. I ask for your wisdom and discernment as we engage with the greater community, and enter into new messy places that require us to be stretched. Please watch over Lisa as she does her part to “protect” our community. Lord, we know we can’t do a single good thing without your wisdom and guidance - may your spirit in us pour out your love, truth, freedom and grace.




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