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To Love and be Loved

It is pretty easy to love our kiddos with their cute little smiles, spunky personalities and mischievous actions. However, what has caught my eye the most over the last few years at Hope Street is the love that our kids show towards one another. I think of Terrance, a now 17 year old, who would often babysit for some of our single mothers. I think of Davontae showing his younger brother, TJ, how to bowl or making sure his t-shirt is on the correct way. It can be seen in the way they hug one another, the way they laugh with one another and the way they compete against one another.

Lord, I thank you for the love you have created amongst our kids. The fact that blood relation or not they care for one another and want to see each other thrive. I pray that this same love that has spread amongst our Hope Street kiddos would reach into our Shechem community. That there will be this unbreakable bond between one another. That your love would shine through each kid that steps through these doors, Lord, and that they would know it is YOU. Lord, I ask that you continue to watch over each child that walks in and out of Hope Street and Shechem. That they would continue to know and be known, to love and be loved, to protect this space while also knowing they are protected. Lord, thank you for allowing a space for kids to simply BE.




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