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Unbelievable, Life-Changing Peace

Last week, Kris Bose and I sat under the sun in the courtyard for lunch and coffee. With a backdrop of newly planted flowers, we talked over the upcoming excitement for our friends Rhonda, Jazzmin, Van and their kids as they near their move out date. We reminisced on a similar day a year before out in the courtyard where seemingly the whole building joined us for cinnamon rolls, bacon and sausage. We shared our dreams of the future. In the warmth of the day and the friendship, I remember thinking, God is good. And I know this can’t be true, but it felt like even the noise of fast paced cars buzzing down Capitol was replaced by chirping birds. Kris looked at me with a child-like grin and said, “can you believe we’re sitting outside on 26th and Capitol?” Of course, I could believe it but the reality of the moment was too good to be true. At the same time, Kris and I were experiencing such peace in a place that is known for such mess.

Father, I am thankful for the times where you so clearly show us you, for the simple moments of goodness that can only be explained by your grace. I am grateful that you give us one another to experience and share your grace with. I pray, Lord, that you continue to be present on 26th and Capitol. God, I’m grateful for the light you are bringing through Shechem.

I can’t wait for Shechem. I can’t wait for more people to be dumbfounded by your redemptive work that’s happening here. I can already see the unlikely (but incredible) friendships being made in Shechem’s patio and cafe spaces. I can imagine the smiles when you restore truth and soften hearts. Thank you for already making change through Shechem, for bringing hope.

Join me in praying for Shechem. Pray for the money to come in. Pray for the space to be filled with partnerships and volunteers. Pray for our construction team as they begin the months of work ahead. Pray for our neighbors as a new building comes to their backyard. Pray for this space that will create unbelievable, life-changing peace.

Amen, Kendall Schoenike

(Hope Street Staff Member)


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