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I could watch this sweet girl “wait” for things all day long. She’s observant, she knows what she wants and she’s looking for the right person to give it to her. There’s been a lot of that around Hope Street lately. People are facing different situations and waiting for a response. Not just any response but THE response they long for. Whether it’s about a job opportunity, a follow up doctor appointment, the arrival of a newborn baby, a home outside of Hope Street or the day the “craving” stops.

There is a lot people are waiting for and our Hope is that we can continue to trust that He is sovereign in all things. He is in the waiting. He is in the spaces and moments where things aren’t as they ought to be, yet. So we cling to what is true - we pause and soak in moments like a little girl waiting for her mom and dad to walk inside, because each moment matters and each moment helps us embrace that waiting is part of the process.

Father, please wrap your arms around Ouida as she travels down south to be with her mother recovering from a stroke. Please walk with Kris as he longs to remain sober and deeply rooted in you. We ask that you comfort Van and Jas as they welcome their new baby girl and give Valencia grace and patience with having a new baby sister. Lord, we surrender our impatience of having things now, and ask that you give us eyes to see what we ought to see in the waiting. You hold the future, we trust you with it and pray for the daily mercy to wait.

Lord, in our community prayer time last week we spoke on having a joyful dependence. May we find deep peace and joy in being fully dependent upon you moment by moment. You never leave us, you always guide us well, may we never forget.




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