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Welcome Home

Every once in awhile, a familiar face comes “knocking” back on our door. Sometimes it’s just to say “hi” and other times, it is to fill out the application once again, and to consider whether being a part of our community is the next right thing. We have recently welcomed back a few familiar faces, and those embraces and smiles are some of my favorite to witness. Their return doesn’t mean failure, it doesn’t carry with it shame, or any other lie that attempts to keep us down. Instead it reminds us that Grace is real, love conquers all things and Hope gives us a reason to live for.

Father, your arms are always wide open, willing and wanting to welcome us back home. Thank you for your grace and mercy that makes that possible. Possible for us to come running back into your arms, to rest in your peace and your presence. Help us to fall in love with that space, to never want to leave it no matter where we physically find ourselves. Lord, may our home be consumed by you - so that as people walk through our doors, they will be reminded of how wide, how deep and how great your love is for us.




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