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June 26, 2020

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March 13, 2020

March 2020 Newsletter

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More Than A Building

Hope Street is in a building on 26th and Capitol. Directly to the east of it is currently a vacant lot where we will build a new building called Shechem. We have done a lot of talking about physical space lately. Our 100 year old building always has something that needs to be fixed and our capital campaign for Shechem forces fundraising to be in the forefront of our mind at all times. BUT last Saturday, as we closed out our weeklong event, we spoke on what happens in our building. I listened to members share about culture, family, love, acceptance and new opportunities. All things that are facilitated inside our space, but go beyond it. It shouldn’t be that complicated to understand, but it

My Commitment

“Commitment to a people and a place is one of the countercultural values at the heart of the gospel...our geography has to be rethought, because our neighborhoods and homes are often built around values different for the gospel and community.” The book of Common Prayer How often do we make a commitment to a people, a place, a plan, a diet, a way of life and lose interest a month, two months, a year or more in? New Year's resolutions anyone? “Diet” anyone? Running - omg...I hate running. Commitment is hard. It takes hard work and time and intention. Commitment is messy and broken. Commitment is sweat and a lot of tears and feelings and vulnerability. Commitment is a countercultural value. Dea


“It is usually understood as a light-disseminating presence, bringing an awareness of God to a time and place where God is not expected to be - a place. It’s not a public spectacle but more like a selective showing at God’s discretion to encourage or affirm, to reveal a reality of something that we do not yet have eyes to see.” The Pastor: Eugene Peterson I give tours of our space down at Hope Street weekly, sometimes daily. Each time I get to share the story of how we took a building in pretty rough shape and restored it, saving the charm and giving people a space that is good. I particularly enjoy the part in the story where I get to share the basement space was part of my vision to create

We Need You.

Father God, I want to thank you for another day. Thank you for waking us up this morning. We need you oh God. Look over the people who are in this world suffering from disease Father. Look over the families who have lost loved ones in the fight of COVID-19 Father God. We need you oh God. I ask that you guide the leaders in the fight against racism Father God. People need to know we are all your children, no matter what color we are, no matter the size or the shape Father. I ask that you stop all the people from wanting to hurt one another Father God. Fix their hearts and minds to learn to love one another, instead of hurting one another. Fix this world oh God. Turn it around for the good oh