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Jazzmin's Story

I was 7 months pregnant, living in a raggedy hotel with my fiancé, Van, when I found out about Hope Street. Van was explaining to his teacher we had to cash in his 401k to stay in a hotel or we’d be homeless and that’s when we were told about Hope Street.

At first I really hated it here. I didn’t like the neighborhood. I didn’t want to talk to nobody. I didn’t want anyone talking to me. I didn’t want to live by somebody else’s rules. I didn’t want to waste my Sundays sitting around with people I had no intentions of getting to know. I just wanted to have my baby, save money, and move out as quickly as possible.

Every time I left my apartment people would ask me about my pregnancy and how I was feeling, how my day was going, and I would just shrug it off because I didn’t want nobody to talk to me. Something so small that I hated so much eventually became something I looked forward to. My close family and friends didn’t even check up on me, but people who probably don’t even know my last name made sure they did every chance they got.

I think the moment I knew I was a part of the community and actually WANTED to be a part of the community was when we were “invited” to the little hallway festivities. Everyone would just talk and joke with everyone about literally nothing until it was too late to be too loud. The kids would run in and out of everyone’s apartments being goofballs. There would be random days where there were nerf gun wars in the halls, and late night games of very competitive UNO and days that kids that I’ve never seen before were sitting at my dining room table for breakfast.

These happy moments began to change my outlook. I could be doing worse things as a 22 year old, since I come from a one parent household with a history of addiction. I could be partying, but instead I’m a mom. I have 2 beautiful babies who are loved and cared for by more people than they could’ve ever asked for. I am finishing school and I have a job. We’re saving towards buying a home. I am also working to better my health.

If you feel like you need a step in the right direction and to be surrounded by genuine loving people, Hope Street would be a great step for you.

-Jazzmin Serrano

(Hope Street Member)

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